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Stuck! Gel Tint


The must-have solution for effortlessly defined and beautifully tinted brows!

This Stuck! eyebrow gel tint is the newest tool in cosmetics that can turn any set of eyebrows into a tinted work of art.

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Sculpt Your Brows to Perfection with Our Gel Eyebrow Tint

Enhance your natural beauty with our Gel Eyebrow Tint. Designed for precision and subtlety, it perfectly complements your facial features, ensuring your brows never overpower your look.

End the Smudge and Fade Dilemma

Our long-lasting formula stands up to daily challenges – rain or shine, workout or workday. Your brows will stay flawlessly tinted and beautifully defined, no matter what the day brings.

Key Features:

Natural Definition: Achieve any brow look with our naturally defining tint.
All-Day Durability: Enjoy smudge-free brows from morning to night.
Customizable Color: Tailor your brow shade to fit every occasion.
Diverse Shade Range: Find your perfect match from our selection.

Add a stylish touch of color to your brows with the Eyebrow Gel Tint!


Tint formula requires no mixing and works rapidly

1: Please test for PPD allergy by doing a patch test if necessary.

2: Clean your clients brows thoroughly with 70% alcohol or toner to dry out their skin.

3: Map your clients brows using Shape Tape

4: Choose the Stuck! color of your choice

5: Shake bottle for 30 seconds by hand or with shaker prior to use.

6: Insert your Stuck! Gel tint into Ink Ring or Ink Cup 1-3 drops recommended

7: Use your Savvy Brush to apply your tint to the clients brows.

8: Let the tint sit for 5-15 minutes (Soft Look 5, Natural Look 10 & Bold Look 15 Minutes)

9: Use an unscented baby wipe to wipe away excess tint.

10: Make your client aware to avoid their brows when washing face to maximize how long tint lasts.

Colors – Berry Blue, Blacker The Berry, Blue Raspberry, Caramel, Chocolate Drop, Cinnamon Spice & Cherry Bomb

PPD allergy by doing a patch test if necessary

Shelf Life – 12 Months, unopened & 6 months, opened

Bottle Size – 15 Ml

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Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 0.5 × 2 in

Berry Blue, Blacker The Berry, Blue Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Cherry Bomb, Chocolate Drop, Cinnamon Spice, Color Bundle, Client & Practice Kit