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Master the power of perfect brows with our Eyebrow Brush Set!

Take your brow game from ordinary to extraordinary with these eyebrow brushes.

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If you want to create a look that steals the spotlight, then you’re going to need a collection of brow brushes to get the job done.

These soft and soothing brushes dance through your brows like magic, turning every stroke into a work of art. Our Eyebrow Brush Set will be your artistic accomplice, providing the precision and finesse needed to sculpt brows that frame your face like a work of art.

The soft, luxurious bristles of these brushes caress your skin, turning your daily brow routine into a pampering session. It’s the touch of elegance that every woman deserves.

Key Features

Choose from multiple different brush types that suit your needs

Premium soft bristles that gently glide across your brows 

An essential collection of brushes every makeup artist needs 

Perfect your craft with the help of our Eyebrow Brush Set!

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 0.5 in

White, Black


Flat, Round, Angled, Precision