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Introducing our Ink Rings, the ultimate accessory for semi-permanent makeup professionals. Whether you’re into brow tinting, microblading, or similar services, these rings are here to make your job easier.

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Crafted from premium silicone, these rings are not only waterproof but also durable, ensuring they last long and treat your tools with care. The design features a wide cup that snugly fits your finger, reducing the risk of spills and stains during use.

These Ink Rings are versatile, suitable for both the seasoned professional and the home enthusiast. They simplify the process of working with pigments or glues, keeping your workspace neat and your application precise. By minimizing mess and maximizing efficiency, they provide a cleaner, more convenient experience.

Ideal for all types of semi-permanent tattoo services, our Ink Rings are designed to enhance both your efficiency and hygiene standards. Say goodbye to unnecessary spillage and hello to a smoother, more controlled application process.

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