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Upgrade your beauty routine with the “Flawless Trio Concealer Pencils.” Inspired by cities worldwide, this set combines Bali’s elegance, Ibiza’s natural beauty, and Punta Cana’s warm charm. Each pencil is named after these iconic places and provides a unique shade to cover, correct, and perfect skin flaws with great precision.

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Boost your beauty routine with “Flawless Trio Concealer Pencils,” inspired by global cities. Each pencil offers a unique shade:

Bali: A soft ivory white to illuminate and highlight.
Ibiza: A natural flesh tone for a sun-kissed, flawless look.
Punta Cana: A wheat tone to add depth and warmth.

These pencils glide smoothly, providing full coverage with a matte finish. They’re perfect for evening out skin tone, hiding under-eye circles, and covering blemishes. Plus, they’re waterproof and smudge-proof, so your look lasts all day.

Each pencil comes with a precision sharpener for perfect application every time. With the Flawless Trio Concealer Pencils, enjoy the beauty of world-class cities in your makeup routine. They’re ideal for anyone seeking top-notch quality and precision in their makeup for a beautiful, lasting complexion.

Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × .5 in