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Practice Cartridge


Get to grips with tattooing using our Practice Cartridges, designed for artists who aim for precision. Inside each pack, you’ll find 10 black ballpoint pen practice cartridges.

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These cartridges are built with high-quality PVC, ideal for beginners practicing their craft without wasting tattoo needles. You can practice over and over on practice skin or A4 paper, thanks to the high-quality pen tips.

Every cartridge is individually packed, making them easy to use and switch out. Choose from four colors to start practicing with ease.

These cartridges fit most tattoo machines, including the popular Queen and King pens, so compatibility is never an issue.

This 10-pack is perfect for practicing on paper and skin alike. They’re universal, reusable, and offer a real tattooing feel without the high costs. Lightweight and practical, these cartridges are a must-have for artists at any skill level, aiming to perfect their technique.

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