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Pixel Pro Power Supply


Introducing the Pixel Pro, the top choice for artists focusing on precision and detail. This wired tattoo power supply is engineered for creating standout pixelated tattoos.

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The Pixel Pro is designed to support artists in achieving artistic excellence. It offers precision, durability, and comfort across a wide range of tattoo applications.

Key Features:

– Enhanced Speed Control: Adjust speed from 0-18V for any tattoo, for accurate details.

• RCA Adapter Compatibility: Connects easily with most gear, including King Pen. Note: Not compatible with Queen Pen.

• Steady Power Flow: Ensures smooth, consistent power without interruptions.

• Ergonomic Design: Combines comfort with functionality for long sessions.

• Durable & Reliable: Made for daily use, a dependable tool for artists.

Types of Tattoos for Pixel Pro:

– Ombré Brows: Get soft, natural-looking brow shading.

– Scalp: Precise scalp art application.

– Nano Brows: Perfect for detailed, hair stroke brows.

– Paramedical Tattoos: Good for healing art techniques.

– Traditional Tattoos: Excellent for classic designs.

– Tiny Tattoos: Great for detailed, small tattoos.

– Lip Blushing: Adds soft, natural lip color.