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Meet the Paris Pencil, the ultimate tool for eyebrow perfection. Designed for pre draw for everything from ombré and nano to microblading, cosmetic tattoos, and even brow tinting, this creamy pencil is a game-changer. It helps you easily define and perfect brow shapes, while its smooth formula effortlessly conceals tint and redness. This makes your prep work for any brow service cleaner and more precise.

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To get that unmatched accuracy, simply sharpen the Paris Pencil to a fine edge with a razor. This little trick lets you map out brows with incredible detail.


Ideal for both seasoned professionals and those new to brow artistry, the Paris Pencil ensures you can create natural-looking, impeccably shaped brows for every client. It’s not just about enhancing the precision of your work; it’s about elevating the entire brow service experience.


Incorporate the Paris Pencil into your toolkit for a simpler, more effective approach to all brow services. It’s the key to achieving beautiful, professional results that will keep your clients coming back.